College Life

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Going to college for the first time is an exciting time in your life. Your future is bright and the doors of college lifeopportunity are open wide. You are faced with the excitement and thrill of being in a completely new and stimulating environment. It is a time of building new relationships, embarking on your career path and learning about yourself in the process. College life is a huge transition from life in high school and it is normal to feel nervous about what to expect.

What Should I Expect During My Freshman Year of College?

The freshman experience is a unique adventure for each and every student. For most of you, this will be the first time away from your friends and family for an extended period of time. Your freshman year will be full of emotional highs and lows.

At times, you will be pushed to your limits learning how to manage your time, homework, studying for tests and social activities. For some of you, you will also have to balance work and family responsibilities. Here are some tips, advice and articles to guide you through your freshman year in college.

How Can I Improve My Study Skills?

Everyone can improve their study skills. Find study strategies, advice and resources to help you improve your study skills in college. In this section, you will find out your individual learning style, strategies to improve your memory and concentration, advice on test-taking and effective note-taking.

What is Time Management?

Learn abouttime management and why it is crucial to your success in college. Learn how to balance your life with time management strategies.

How Can I Stay Healthy in College ?

Good health habits need to be learned. Beat the freshman 15 and develop healthy lifestyle habits so you can get the most out of life. Learn how to manage and improve your
health in college.

I Have Never Lived With Anyone Before. How Do I Deal With College Roommates?

Learn how to live with your college roommates and communicate effectively for a more peaceful and stress-free environment.