Engineering Colleges Ranking 2014

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Author: Carla Abraham

Engineers are crucial for the growth and progress of humanity. If you are entering the exciting field of engineering then congratulations!  There are many branches of engineering to choose from such as aerospace, transportation, agricultural, ocean & marine, nuclear, industrial & manufacturing, architectural, mineral & mining, biomedical, chemical, civil, metallurgy & materials, computer, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering as well as other fields.

Choosing the right engineering program to complete your degree can be challenging. What do you look for in an engineering college? Colleges and programs vary according to cost, quality and environment. It is important to assess your career goals and needs first and foremost.

We are providing you with our National Ranking of Engineering Colleges and Programs to help you in your search. We have focused our ranking on 5 main criteria;  Tuition cost, Financial aid, Admission Rate, Graduation Rate and Number of Students Enrolled.

We know that rankings are not the only criteria to use when choosing your Engineering Program but we hope we can assist you in making a more informed decision.

Engineering majors ranked by college

RankingCollegeTuitionFinancial AidAdmissionsGraduation RateStudentsWebsite
1University of Wyoming$4,404$6,
2University of Michigan-Ann Arbor$13,142$13,57533%90%1,
3University of Virginia-Main Campus$12,668$18,
4University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez$2,019$6,
5Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus$10,650$9,74055%82%1,
6University of Florida$6,263$5,61047%87%1,
7Fort Hays State University$4,358$4,
8The University of Texas at El Paso$4,480$9,
9University of Washington-Seattle Campus$12,397$14,
10University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus$17,100$10,
11Southwestern Oklahoma State University$5,460$6,
12Utah State University$6,030$6,
13Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus$16,992$8,28554%85%1,
14Colorado State University-Pueblo$7,327$5,
15University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign$14,750$12,50562%84%1,
16University of Wisconsin-Madison$10,403$5,
17Texas A & M University$8,506$10,03469%79%1,
18University of Maryland-College Park$9,162$7,
19CUNY College of Staten Island$6,158$7,
20Florida Atlantic University$4,790$5,
21Ohio State University-Main Campus$10,037$8,
22The University of Texas at Austin$9,798$9,
23Clemson University$13,054$9,
24The College of New Jersey$14,730$10,
25Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University$11,455$7,22970%82%1,
26University of Georgia$10,262$8,
27McNeese State University$5,701$6,
28Jackson State University$6,348$8,
29North Carolina State University at Raleigh$8,206$9,50850%74%1,
30The University of West Florida$6,357$5,
31Arkansas Tech University$5,598$7,
32Northeastern State University$4,992$6,
33California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo$8,724$6,
34Kansas State University$8,585$5,
35Citadel Military College of South Carolina$10,838$11,
36Missouri University of Science and Technology$9,510$8,
37North Carolina A & T State University$5,422$7,
38Rutgers University-New Brunswick$13,499$12,
39South Carolina State University$9,776$8,
40University of Louisiana at Lafayette$6,192$6,