Choosing a Degree Program

Author: Martin

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How Do I Choose A Degree Program?

Choosing a degree program should be based on a number of things: your interests, skills, passions, personality, abilities, the current job market, employability and ability to grow and advance in your profession. As you grow and adapt in college, so will your interests. It is then not uncommon for students to change their degree program once or more during their college years. You may want to assess some of the following areas when attempting to choose a degree path:


  • Skills Assessment :
    A skills assessment can tell you more about your strengths and abilities and how those skills can be applied in a career setting. You can do a self-skills assessment online or go to your school’s career services office. This can be a powerful tool when making a decision about your career path.


  • Interests and Hobbies :
    Write down your interests and hobbies and see which ones give you the greatest amount of satisfaction. This tells you what type of activities you enjoy and can help you when choosing your major.


  • Passions :
    Your passions are what drive you. Your passions are what give you the most pleasure and satisfaction in life. Ideally, choose a college major based on your passions.


  • Personality Type :
    Your personality type plays a key factor when choosing a college major. Are you outgoing and enjoy working with others or do you prefer to work alone. Certain professions are more suited to certain personality types.

  • Values :
    Prioritizing your values can help you on your career path.

  • Informational Interviewing :
    Informational interviewing is a great way to learn more about a job or career. If there is a job that really interests you, find someone in that field and contact them to learn more about what their job is like. It takes some action on your part but many people are willing to take the time to talk to students about their job.



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