MENU Launches New Scholarship Search Engine with Monstrous Number of Minority Scholarships

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Loading..., a free scholarship search engine and college planning website, officially launched today with the goal of having the largest number of minority scholarships on the internet.

Carla Abraham co-founder/owner said “With the difficult economy and the ever-growing cost of college, our research demonstrated the need to help minority and underrepresented students gain access to reliable college funding sources; especially in higher education.”

CollegeResourceNetwork’s mission is to provide students with quality financial aid and college planning resources. First by making sure minorities can access financial aid for college but also by providing useful new ways to search for college degrees. “Many other sectors of the economy have made it easy for consumers to search for products corresponding to their needs and CollegeResourceNetwork is well-placed to achieve the same goal for prospective college students.”

Among the first main types of information launched today minority scholarships are the main focus. We have included scholarships for Hispanic/Latino, African-American, Asian, GLBT, Native-American, Single-Mothers, Disabled, Women and Veteran students. We continually search for new scholarships to add to our database and you can expect to see the numbers grow regularly.

Other useful information are college rankings and a new upcoming way to search for college degrees. ” We are committed to continually improving our site and being the premier resource for minority scholarships and college planning information.”

Founded in 2010, College Resource Network is the premier resource for minority scholarships and college planning information. College Resource Network is a privately owned company and is based in Montreal, Quebec. For more information on College Resource Network, please call (313) 829-7911 or visit