Early Decision

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What is Early Decision?

Early Decision is a college admissions option that allows you to apply to a participating school in early to mid-November and receive a decision usually by mid to late November. You submit your application and, if you’re accepted, you are obligated to attend that school. You must with withdraw any other applications at other schools. You can only submit one early decision application so it should be reserved for your top choice school. 

If you apply to a college with an Early Decision you are also restricted from applying to other colleges or universities.

What are the Benefits of Applying Early Decision?

The benefits of applying Early Decision is that you save money on application fees and time.

Applying with an Early Decision Application is specially good for students who are sure they want to attend a particular college and who do not need to compare financial aid packages between schools.

How is Early Decision Different From Early Action?

Some schools offer Early Decision to students. The major difference between applying Early Action and applying Early Decision is:

Early Action: Allows a student to apply to more than one school without being obligated to attend.

Early Decision: Student becomes obligated to attend school if accepted and cannot apply to other colleges or universities.

Which Colleges and Universities Offer Early Decision Admissions?

For a list of schools that offer Early Decision Admissions, visit