Open Admission

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What’s Open Admission?

Colleges and universities with an open admission (open enrollment) policy accept all students with a G.E.D. (General Education Development) certificate or high school diploma regardless of grades, or standardized test scores.

Schools with an open admission policy are non-competitive academically, but usually admit students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Which Colleges Have An Open Admission Policy?

Most community colleges and many 2 year and 4 year schools have an open admission policy. Almost all online colleges and universities have an open admission policy for students.

I Dropped Out of High-School. Can I Still Go To College?

The answer is YES you CAN! You will need to either earn enough credits to get your high school diploma or take the G.E.D. (general education development) test.

Everyone has a right to attend college. It is never too late to get a college education. Contact the American Council on Education for a G.E.D. testing center near you! Find out how you can go to college and have a brighter future!