Find A Job

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There is a difference between finding a job and finding a job that is right for find a jobyou. The search for your ideal job doesn’t have to wait until after graduation.

In fact, starting the job search process while still in college can help you refine your prospects and increase your chances of finding the ideal job.

Utilizing your available resources can help you in your job search and bring you one step closer to getting the job you want. Here are some ways to find that dream job.

Take Advantage of Your School’s Career Services Office

Get to know the staff in the office, make yourself a familiar face. The staff often have connections and “inside” knowledge of internships, international and study abroad programs and job openings BEFORE they are posted.

Some career services offices offer individual career counseling, resume matching, interest and skills inventories, job search resources, information on career fairs and workshops and graduate school assistance.

Attend On-Campus Recruiting Fairs and Programs

This can be a great way to meet a large number of potential employers at one time. Usually there are between 10-300 different companies or organizations looking to hire new graduates. They each have an individual booth where you can approach them, ask questions and possibly arrange for an interview.

Research Employers, Organizations and Jobs That Interest You

Make a list of employers, jobs and organizations of interest and do some background research on them.


Networking is a skill that should be honed and mastered. It can open doors to opportunities, assist you in forming key relationships and possibly land you the job of your dreams.

There are different ways to network but it is common practice to start with the contacts you already have and branch out from there. Stanford University offers a free online handbook with 5 steps to successful networking. Using social networking sites like Linkedin, can help you connect with like-minded professionals in your field.

Define What You Are Looking For In A Job

Can you describe the type of work you would like to do? Defining the ideal job you are looking for will help you in the search process.

  • Do you like working indoors or outdoors? If indoors, can you handle working at a desk 8 hours a day?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or with a team?
  • What would you like to accomplish in your job?

If you are not sure, check out jobhuntersbible. It is the official site for the best-selling book “What Color is My Parachute?”, a great and informative book on how to find the right job for you.

Market Yourself

This is about presenting the best possible image of yourself to potential employers. It means emphasizing your strengths to show what you can offer to a company. It means not only looking good on paper but also being able to stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Conduct Informational Interviews

Conducting informational interviews is a good way to learn more about a particular field of study or job that interests you. Here are some excellent resources on informational interviewing.

Practice Your Interview Skills

Interviewing is a way for potential employers to get to know you better. First impressions go a long way so it is best to practice your interviewing skills beforehand.

Create the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter

Creating a stand-out resume and cover letter is a sure way to get you noticed. Never misrepresent yourself or lie about previous work experience because it will most likely catch up with you later on and get you fired. Instead, learn how to focus on your key strengths and achievements.