Test Taking

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TEST taking… the mere word conjures up panic. OMG…tomorrow is the TEST.

I haven’t studied!!!! What am I going to dooooo?! If this sounds like you test takingthen let me give you some advice. Cramming does more harm than good! The best test-takers are the ones who are prepared.

1. Review your notes, handouts and material on a weekly basis.

By having regular review sessions either alone or in a group, you will gain a better grasp on the material.

2. Get a good night’s rest before the day of the exam.

Getting a good night’s rest will help you be more relaxed and think more clearly on the day of the exam. Taking a test with only 3 hours of rest will likely cause you to make careless mistakes. A good night’s rest will help you make better decisions and recall information more effectively.

3.  Come to class a little bit earlier on test day.

This will give you time to do some last minute reviewing and get comfortable. Have a snack and a beverage, go to the bathroom, and take a few minutes to do some deep breathing and centering.

4. Eat a nutritious breakfast or snack.

There is nothing worse than listening to your hungry belly rumble while you are trying to take a test. Eating something nutritious before your test will help amp up your brain power and keep you focused.

5. Take some deep breaths and clear your head.

Deep breathing is a simple but effective way to deal with test anxiety. Take a few nice deep breaths by filling up your lungs and abdominal cavity. Focus on where your breath is going.  Exhale completely and repeat. Let go of all the chatter inside your head. This simple method will help you to focus better and become more relaxed.