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Ana Folhadella
Ana Folhadella
Ana Folhadella, CRN’s main Blogger and Social Media Manager

First and foremost – Welcome to the College Resource Network (CRN)! We’re happy that one way or another you found this website and hope it has been useful in your transition from high school to college or in financing your higher education.

You may be wondering, who is this (natural!) red-headed girl atop all of CRN’S blog posts?? Well, that would be me! My name is Ana Folhadella and I’m a Brazilian-born Michigan resident. As of this blog writing, I’m a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) at Oakland University. I have a a Bachelors in International Studies (with concentrations in Politics and Spanish) from the University of Michigan, as well as a Minor in Criminal Justice. I have had three scholarships throughout my undergraduate years, but also had to take out loans to pay for college. Luckily I’ve been able to pay out-of-pocket for my Masters without getting a loan. That’s why I’m very interested in scholarships and opportunities to help others offset the gigantic cost of college.

I’ve been with the College Resource Network as their Social Media Manager since December 17th 2012, and it’s been a wonderful experience spreading the word about this great resource. I feel very lucky to work with CRN on this internship opportunity because as a woman and a minority,  I don’t think there aren’t very many websites that can give us scholarship information that is trustworthy, reliable, and applicable to our unique situation. In addition to all the scholarships available, there are also great informational sections on transitioning from high school to college that I wish I had known before enrolling in an university.

We’re excited to launch this blog and focus on a unique feature each week. There are many more changes and new scholarships in stock for 2013 at CRN, so we hope you will stick around for the ride!

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