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The U.S. Department of Education is the Largest Provider of Student Financial Aid in the Country

Each year the U.S. Department of Education awards over $120 billion dollars in federal grants, loans and work-study funding to over 13 million students. Millions of students miss out on aid programs simply because they do not apply for the FAFSA or because they submit incomplete applications. FAFSA is an acronym for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is the first step in determining eligibility for federal and state aid programs.

Are You Unsure if You Are Eligible to Receive Federal Student Aid or Need Help Applying? 

You should complete a FAFSA even if you do not think you will qualify. If you are unsure how to fill out the FAFSA or need assistance, there are many free FAFSA help resources.


FREE FAFSA Resources:, the official government site for completing the FAFSA. School Codes, the website to create an FSA ID.

A helpful video explaining how to create an FSA ID. FAFSA page for educators, contains helpful resources for counsellors planning and hosting FAFSA sessions for students and parents., part of the U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation.

Completing the 2022/2023 FAFSA Worksheet(PDF)

Completing the FAFSA Guide 

Complete the FAFSA Guide in Spanish (PDF)

Prefer a mobile app? The FAFSA form is on the myStudentAid app, available on the App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android).






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