College Admissions

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How Does The College Admissions Process Work?

The college admissions process varies according to the college or university you are applying.
What are the steps from application to enrollment? How long will you have to wait for an answer? To find out these answers and more, visit our section about college admissions process.

What Are The Requirements For College Admission?

Generally, colleges and universities have their own admission criteria and goals when choosing students for admission. The selection process varies from school to school and by department.

Find information and resources on the college admissions essay, types of college applications and college entrance exams. Learn more about college
admissions requirements and view admission requirements and statistics by college.

What Are The Types Of College Admissions?

Schools may offer more than one type of college admission. Find out the benefits and disadvantages of certain types of college admissions. Learn more about:

Student and Parent Resources

NACAC or National Association for College Admission Counseling
– An organization of over 1100 professionals from around the globe committed to helping students transition from secondary to post-secondary education. Find resources on college planning including guidance counselors, financial aid resources and other college related resources.