• Focus of the Week – Asian Americans

    by on March 18, 2013

    This week, the College Resource Network’s blog will focus on Asian Americans in college. We offer over 100 scholarships for students of Asian descent, so we are happy to showcase the talent coming from this community. Talking about talent, many Asian Americans have made history in the US through their achievements. They might not be […]

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  • 5 Great Scholarships for Women

    by on March 16, 2013

    We are closing our week focusing on women in college, and we’d like to end it on a high note! Below you can find 5 great scholarships exclusively for women. They include scholarship prizes for women going back to school, women of color, and much more!   For thousands of more scholarships options, be sure […]

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  • Throwback Thursday

    by on March 14, 2013

    It’s Throwback Thursday! Can you believe these 1950s hairstyles women wore to college? Although not many women attended college in that time period, the ones that did put a lot of time and effort in putting their hair together for class.   In the 50s, beauty titan Helene Curtis coined the name “hair spray” with the release […]

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  • More Women in College Now than Ever Before

    by on March 13, 2013

    It’s amazing to see how far women have come in the pursuit of higher education. We can think back to the 1950s, where women were discouraged by their families and society as a whole to pursue a college degree or get a job. In fact, a smaller percentage of women attended college in the 1950s […]

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  • CRN is Launching a New Blog!

    by on March 11, 2013

    We are very excited to announce that today the College Resource Network will start a new blog! We look forward to contributing to the topics of higher education and minorities in college. We hope to bring a distinctive perspective to issues being faced by minority students and to also continue to disseminate information on thousands […]

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  • About the Blogger

    by on March 3, 2013
    Ana Folhadella

    First and foremost – Welcome to the College Resource Network (CRN)! We’re happy that one way or another you found this website and hope it has been useful in your transition from high school to college or in financing your higher education. You may be wondering, who is this (natural!) red-headed girl atop all of […]

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