20 College Scholarships…you probably haven’t heard of

We have compiled a list of 20 college scholarships for you to enjoy and hopefully win! While there are many other scholarships worth more money, we choose 20 award programs that should appeal to just about everyone. The awards are from $100-$5000 and are open to a wide range of students. Whether you are a high school senior, current undergraduate or graduate student, non-traditional student or international student, you should be able to find some good resources in this list. Good luck!

1. Study Soup Future Innovator Scholarship Program – Open to high school, undergraduate and graduate students.

2. The SwissGear.com Ultimate Backpack Scholarship – Open to incoming college freshman for the fall 2016 academic semester or a current undergraduate or graduate student that is enrolled by August 31, 2016 at any accredited two or four year college, university or institute.

3. The Family Rentals ‘Create Your Ideal Event’ Scholarship – The Family Rentals (Create Your Ideal Event) Scholarship is open to high school seniors and any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program by August 31, 2016 at any accredited U.S. college, university or institute.

4. The Stop-Painting.com Scholarship – Open to any student currently enrolled at an accredited college, university, or related technical program. All majors, programs of study, and class years are encouraged to apply.

5. Bant.io Scholarship Opportunity – Open to all students who are currently enrolled in a high school, college, university, or trade school, and who complete the scholarship application online at www.bant.io/scholarship/. Applicants must be enrolled (or enroll no later than the fall of 2016) in a college or university within the United States or United Kingdom.

6. Vol & Tier Digital Excellence in Entrepreneurship Scholarship – Toronto-based digital marketing company, Vol & Tier provides one $4,000 annual scholarship to an undergraduate student enrolled in an academic institution (College or University) with both a high level of business acumen and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Applicants cannot be in their final year of study and must be enrolled full-time. The scholarship is limited to Canadian and U.S. residents only.

7. TikiLIVE Television Takeover Scholarship – The TikiLIVE “Television Takeover’’ Scholarship – Open to any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program by January 1, 2016 at any accredited U.S. college, university or institute.

8. The NOAH’S Event Venue Scholarship – is a merit-based scholarship program. Financial need is not considered in the selection of the scholarship recipient. Winners are selected based on the quality of their essay. It is open to all current students attending an accredited U.S. college or university.

9. SimpleTexting $1,000 College Scholarship – SimpleTexting is offering a $1,000 College Scholarship for a deserving high school senior or current college student. If you are currently enrolled in college or headed there in 2016-17 and want to win a $1000 college scholarship to help cover expenses, consider entering the SimpleTexting College Scholarship Contest.

10. Spreadsheet Sherpa Bi-Annual Scholarship – Offers a bi-yearly (February & July) $1,000 scholarship to individuals who are currently attending or planning to attend undergraduate or graduate school in the near future.

11. Giva’s Corporate Student Scholarship and Worldwide Community Ambassador Award – Open to anyone attending a college or university worldwide. This scholarship grant is aimed at assisting undergraduate or graduate students further their education as well as expand their social responsibility and community service footprint in the world. There is no specific course of study or major required.

12. JustJobs Scholarship – JustJobs Scholarship Program offers (1) $3000 scholarship per year. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergrad or graduate program at one of their registered schools in the US.  For a list of registered schools, visit: http://academy.justjobs.com/registered-schools/

13. The HotelsCheap Scholarship Program – is a need-based scholarship that rewards students who are looking to better themselves, who have goals and dreams, and who are committed to achieving a college degree. U.S. students who are 16 years of age or older are encouraged to apply. High school students, undergraduate students, master degree students, and adult learners are all encouraged to apply.

14. The Lang Antiques Fine Arts Scholarship – Open to any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program by September 1st at any accredited U.S. college, university or institute.

15. The Opportunity Influence of Social Media Scholarship – Open to any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program by September 1st at any accredited U.S. college, university or institute.

16. Simon Youth Community Scholarship Program – Must Be a high school senior attending school and living within 50 miles of the Simon® property associated with the application. For a list of Simon properties, visit: http://m.simon.com/malllist.aspx Applicant must be a legal U.S. resident. Plan to enroll full-time in an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational/technical school in Fall 2016. Demonstrate academic promise and financial need. Applicants will be evaluated based on academic promise, financial need, essay response, work experience and community/extracurricular involvement.

17. The Daily Steals ‘What’s Your Utensil Type?’ Scholarship – Open to any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program by January 1st, 2016 at any accredited U.S. college, university or institute.

18. The Urban Mattress Scholarship – The Urban Mattress Scholarship is a $2500 merit-based scholarship awarded once per year for students pursuing higher education with an emphasis on the social sciences, liberal arts, philanthropy, volunteer work, or any other related field. Urban Mattress locations are each locally owned and operated and we positively impact our communities by giving back 2% of each purchase to local non-profit groups. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a minimum GPA of 3.0 enrolled in or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university during application year.

19. Goedeker’s Appliances Annual College Book Scholarship – Goedeker’s is a St. Louis-based, family-oriented company that has been in operation since 1951. Any student that is enrolled in an accredited college is eligible to participate. This includes any grade level, freshman to senior; undergrad and graduate alike are eligible. Even if you are a transfer student, non-traditional student, studying abroad, or taking classes online, you can enter. Any major or field of study is acceptable.

High school seniors that are enrolled in an accredited college, either for a dual credit program or for the upcoming semester, are eligible to enter as well.

You must either be enrolled for the spring 2017 or registered for the fall 2017 semester. Being enrolled in summer classes does not make you eligible to enter.

20. The Diamond Herbs Scholarship Award – The $1000 scholarship aims to help students reach their education and career goals by assisting with the cost of tuition and books. Open to any student currently enrolled in school with a GPA of 3.0. To apply; the student must write an essay of the benefits of alternative medicine compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

We hope you found this list of 20 college scholarships helpful. For more great scholarships, visit our free scholarship database at www.collegeresourcenetwork.com

5 Anti-Bullying and Cyber-Bullying Scholarships for Students

Today is Spirit Day #spiritday and in support of LGBTQ Youth across the nation, we are highlighting 5 anti-bullying scholarships that students can apply for.  Here at College Resource Network (www.collegeresourcenetwork.com), we fully support diversity and the right for all people to exist. We consider ourselves an ally to the LGBTQ community and have created one the most extensive LGBTQ scholarship databases in the U.S.. In honor of Spirit Day, we would like to share 5 anti-bullying scholarships.

1. The Brand UR Anti-Bullying Scholarship

Open to high school students who stand up against bullying.

  • Award: Varies
  • Number of Awards: Varies
  • Deadline: Contact
  • Contact: The Brand UR Scholarship Committee C/O Jodi LaFountain CEO P.O. Box 20 Carver, Massachusetts 02330 www.thebrandur.com

2. Ambercrombie and Fitch Anti-Bullying Scholarship

Open to outstanding students who have academically persevered while experiencing bullying and to those who have led anti-bullying efforts in their schools and communities. Eligibility requirements include high school seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants may be from the U.S. or international.

  • Award: Varies
  • Number of Awards: Varies
  • Deadline: February 1
  • Contact: A&F Anti-Bully Scholarship NSHSS Foundation 1936 N. Druid Hills Road Atlanta, GA 30319 USA E-mail: scholarships@nshssfoundation.org Website:www.nshssfounation.org

3. The Carl Joseph Walker- Hoover Foundation Anti-Bullying Scholarship

Open to outstanding high school seniors who have demonstrated efforts to combat bullying in their schools and communities.

4. Chely Wright “Like Me” Scholarship

Open to graduating high school seniors who can show that they have actively advocated for LGBT issues, such as respect and inclusion for LGBT youth, community service at an LGBT resource, involvement and/or attendance of LGBT events, working against teen bullying or teen suicide, and any other activities that improve the condition of the LGBT community and/or improve cultural conditions for LGBT youth. This list serves as examples only, and each student’s personal, individual advocacy will be different.

5. Megan Meier Memorial Scholarship Against Bullying and Cyber-Bullying

Must be  enrolled as a full time student, either within his or her high school.Currently possess senior status as determined by his or her school for one academic year. Minimum 2.5GPA. Obtain a written recommendation from member of the faculty or staff at the school in which he or she is enrolled. This recommendation is to serve as validation that the applicants’ words and actions promote an environment of acceptance and tolerance of differences within the school community.

  • Award: Varies
  • Number of Awards: Varies
  • Deadline: November 7
  • Contact:  Phone: 636.757.3501  

Focus of the Week – Asian Americans

This week, the College Resource Network’s blog will focus on Asian Americans in college. We offer over 100 scholarships for students of Asian descent, so we are happy to showcase the talent coming from this community.

Talking about talent, many Asian Americans have made history in the US through their achievements. They might not be the ones whose faces we see on magazines or TV commercials nowadays, but they are ones who shaped American history with their unique perspective and serve as inspiration to new generations. Let’s review seven remarkable Asian personalities who have broken through personal and professional barriers to achieve amazing goals.

Minoru Yamasaki, architect, designed the World Trade Center’s building one and two. Yamasaki was one of the most prominent architects of the 20th century and a University of Washington graduate. He designed several other noteworthy buildings, such as the Conservatory of Music at Oberlin College and the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

Norman C. Bay was the U.S. Attorney for the District of New Mexico from 2000–2002, and the first Chinese-American to hold the position of U.S. Attorney. Bay was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and graduated from Albuquerque Academy. He attended Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School.

Ken Kashiwahara is an Emmy winning television journalist who was the first Asian American network news anchor. Kashiwahara, spent 25 years with ABC News as a correspondent, which includes coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial, Ronald Reagan’s presidential bid, and the Vietnam War.

Chien-Shiung Wu is arguably the most admired female Asian-American scientist in U.S. history. Wu developed a procedure for using gaseous diffusion to separate U235 from U238 was key to the Manhattan Project’s success in building the world’s first atomic bomb. She is a graduate of UC Berkley.

Hiram Fong was the child of poor Chinese immigrants and in 1959 became the first Asian-American senator. Fong is a graduate from University of Hawaii and Harvard Law School.

Ellison Onizuka was the first Asian American astronaut in space, on the first spaceflight in 1985. Onizuka made a career in the Air Force before he was selected to be part of NASA. Sadly, Onizuka died in the 1986 Challenger disaster.

Sheryl WuDunn is the first Asian-American to win a Pulitzer Prize, at The New York Times in 1990, for her coverage of investment banking and new media. WuDunn has studied at Cornell University, Harvard Business School and Princeton University.

These Asian Americans college graduates have put hard work into achieving their goals and overcoming challenges. Their college degrees served to catapult their professional careers and their perseverance carried them through adversity.

About the Blogger

Ana Folhadella
Ana Folhadella
Ana Folhadella, CRN’s main Blogger and Social Media Manager

First and foremost – Welcome to the College Resource Network (CRN)! We’re happy that one way or another you found this website and hope it has been useful in your transition from high school to college or in financing your higher education.

You may be wondering, who is this (natural!) red-headed girl atop all of CRN’S blog posts?? Well, that would be me! My name is Ana Folhadella and I’m a Brazilian-born Michigan resident. As of this blog writing, I’m a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) at Oakland University. I have a a Bachelors in International Studies (with concentrations in Politics and Spanish) from the University of Michigan, as well as a Minor in Criminal Justice. I have had three scholarships throughout my undergraduate years, but also had to take out loans to pay for college. Luckily I’ve been able to pay out-of-pocket for my Masters without getting a loan. That’s why I’m very interested in scholarships and opportunities to help others offset the gigantic cost of college.

I’ve been with the College Resource Network as their Social Media Manager since December 17th 2012, and it’s been a wonderful experience spreading the word about this great resource. I feel very lucky to work with CRN on this internship opportunity because as a woman and a minority,  I don’t think there aren’t very many websites that can give us scholarship information that is trustworthy, reliable, and applicable to our unique situation. In addition to all the scholarships available, there are also great informational sections on transitioning from high school to college that I wish I had known before enrolling in an university.

We’re excited to launch this blog and focus on a unique feature each week. There are many more changes and new scholarships in stock for 2013 at CRN, so we hope you will stick around for the ride!